Meet Ishma

Hi I’m Ishma, the designer and maker at Ishmakez!

This isn't my day job, but it is one of my passions. Like all of you I'm busy, and even though the pandemic changed things, they didn't slow down. As a Black autistic woman raising two special needs kids (plus one in college!), having a senior level career in advertising and being an active social justice work advocate, I was busier than ever. These are all my passions, but they're also responsibilities, and I realized the only way to take care of everyone else was to take care of me.

Taking a time out to just create and make without a specific objective is my way of letting stress go and remembering that life is what we make it! Or for me, life is what Ish-Makes it ;-)

About Ishmakez

Everything on Ishmakes is a handmade one-of-a-kind creation based on the inspiration of the day or even that moment. It may not be the simplest business plan to only have one available in each design, but creating something new is what brings me joy, and my hope is to pass that joy onto you with each individual piece. 

Thank you for visiting Ishmakez!