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Rectangle Resin Rolling Tray w/High Edge and Backwoods Decal (Handmade)

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This handmade resin tray features a high edge making it great as a rolling tray or for other household needs!

Black and clear marbled design with silver foil flakes as accents and an authentic Black Russian Backwoods carton.

These smoking accessories are handmade and recycle authentic packaging from Backwoods products by encasing them within the resin.

Available designs are one of-a-kind and will continue to change as I enjoy creating new designs using different pigment types and techniques such as pooling or marbling and additions such as pressed flowers or crushed glass. The possibilities are endless!

Made-to-order options are available via the Custom Order tab!

All of Ishmakez pieces are 100% handmade. Minor imperfections may exist due to the nature of resin but have no impact on aesthetic or performance.

Ishmakez is proudly Black-owned and operated.

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