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Black Woman w/Afropuff Wall Decal (Handmade)

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These handmade resin wall plaques have a unique design and embrace the beauty of Black women and our natural hair as she rocks her Afro Puff. #hairlove!

These decals were designed individually and are sold separately. Can also be used as coasters. Made-to-order sets are available and include a discount.

Available designs are one-of-a-kind and will continue to change as I enjoy creating new designs using different pigment types and techniques such as pooling or marbling and additions such as pressed flowers or crushed glass. The possibilities are endless!

Made-to-order options are available via the Custom Order tab!

All of Ishmakez pieces are 100% handmade. Minor imperfections may exist due to the nature of resin but have no impact on aesthetic or performance.

Ishmakez is proudly Black-owned and operated.

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